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Please answer the following questions as completely as possible.

1.  Discuss the implications of using computers in career counseling.

2. Describe and list some advantages of Computer Assisted Career Guidance Systems. How would they

help you as a career counselor?

3. According to the chapter, what would be of concern when using computers? What are the concerns?

Explain the solutions. Do you have any additional concerns and/or solutions that you consider to be

relevant in this field?

4. What are some suggestions by NCDA for using the Internet to provide career information?

5. What are some suggestion by NCDA when evaluating Computer Based Programs in the 

There are TONS of no cost online career assessments that are available online. For this discussion I

would like for you to identify an assessment, link to it, discuss what the assessment attempts to

accomplish, and how you would use it when working with a client. Comment on your classmates posting

as appropriate.

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