please follow instructions write about how my company can provide these services to the company noaa

This is an assignment for work, please write about the services we provide and how we would be able to use them for the company NOAA, my company name is technuf here is our website

The contractor is expected to provide diverse Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (IA) services that enforce, comply with, and support the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) cybersecurity and IA security directives, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), DOC, and NIST policies and procedures. Cybersecurity and IA include a wide-range of technical, functional, and

managerial services necessary to ensure the secure operation of systems. Cybersecurity and IA services include, but are not limited to:

· policy development;

· security technical assessment;

· insider threat assessment;

· security architecture development;

· security engineering;

· certification and accreditation;

· and security compliance.

The work may also include support for development, administration, and ongoing execution of a security program for all NOAA facilities and systems. Effective execution and implementation of security services enables satisfactory returns on enterprise and Staff and Line Office investments in security activities. The contractor is expected to support NOAA in the following Security Services objectives:

· transform security management from a compliance model to proactive management utilizing the risk management framework;

· perform and support Assessment and Accreditation (A&A) activities and continuous monitoring on NOAA’s various FISMA Systems;

· operationalize the means and ability to detect, record, analyze, report and act upon security incidents, and minimize the probability of occurrence by applying intrusion testing and active monitoring;

· develop the capability to systematically collect and analyze information on new threats and vulnerabilities

· and communicate and implement prompt and adequate mitigating controls. Provide security services with the following supporting requirements:

· Support the security of NOAA personnel information. This includes supporting compliance with the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-12) for a common identification standard for Federal employees and contractors;

· Integrate security processes into other IT or business processes, such as patch and configuration management, identity and access management, hosting, storage management, and remote access;

· Provide security services at the application level to include, but not limited to: application IT

· security best practices and application scanning;

· Offer solutions for Digital Signature Authority Services (such as for document signing and website certifications) for the NOAA enterprise and its Staff and Line Offices that are not addressed under Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD12) to include Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I)s.

· Specific cybersecurity and IA requirements and services will be identified in the individual task

case study manuel s use of print

To complete the assignment, read Manuel’s Use of Print overview. Read carefully and examine Manuel’s writing while identifying his stage of writing development and analyzing his writing progression. In the analysis, support the conclusion with references to the course text. The paper should be 5-8 paragraphs long. APA format with citations from the text and/or articles Then answer questions to the case study attached.

  • What does Manuel know about print?
  • What does Manuel know about the functions of print?


analysis of stages of writing development: A 2-3 paragraph highly articulate overview is provided of Manuel’s and stages of writing development using thoughtful connections to the course materials. (4pts)

Evaluation of writing progression-A 2-3 paragraph highly articulate overview is provided evaluating Manuel’s writing progression using thoughtful connections to the course materials. (4pts)

Support for conclusion-A scholarly 1-2 paragraph succinctly articulates Manuel’s knowledge about print concepts and the function of print. Conclusions are well-supported through thoughtful connections to references and resources. Exemplary APA formatting employed throughout the summary. (2pts)

**This weeks video’s from the lesson

Word Study in Action: Making words lesson

Five Predictors of Early Literacy

Chapter 4 is from the course textbook: Bear, D. R., Invernizzi, M., Templeton, S., & Johnston, F. (2015). Words their way: Word study for phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction (6th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

history paper 76


David Emory Shi, America: The Essential Learning Edition — Volume I, 2nd Edition, W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. (2018)

instruction will be provided in attachment make sure you follow along and read it carefully and set up the format correctly.

the following discussion post

  • Diversity, cultural competence and cultural sensitivity – how to ensure that it is taking place within an organization?
  • How to ensure that all employees have an understanding of these topics?

  • To avoid point loss, carefully follow all assignment instructions and rubric guidelines
  • Review this Discussion Sample to get a better sense of what is expected of your discussion content and participation
  • Complete your original post of 150-175 words before 11:59 p.m. Thursday, EST
  • Complete at least 2 peer replies of at least 75 words before 11:59 p.m. Sunday, EST
  • Note that responses to instructor comments do not count toward the minimum number of peer replies
  • Provide properly formatted citations/references for all source material (see HSA Style Guide)
  • Do not use any quoted or copied material.

human factors at work etm 104 homework 1

  1. If a worker experiences pain at work it must be the work that caused it? Discuss.
  2. ‘People should finish work in the same state of health as when they started’. Discuss.

should we vote and why

1. Please only use the online articles I provided below for sources, and do not use any other material.

2. Now, consider all of the following:

  • What are the pros and cons of voting? Relate them to the 2016 Presidential election and the 2018 midterm elections.
  • Pick a side. Should everyone who is eligible vote? What’s the opposite position? Address and refute a major counter-argument.
  • Consider the moral arguments made to act or speak out when injustice occurs or to challenge the status quo. Is voting a form of speaking or acting? Does our vote count?
  • Fake news and Facebook:
  • Is ignorance an excuse? What is our obligation as citizens? How does voting affect our lives and those of others? Consider the Atwood quote: “Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.”

applying bowenian and structural theories

In this Assignment, you watch videos of counselors demonstrating the use of Bowenian and structural theories in family counseling. You then formulate treatment plans for the couples and/or families in the videos, applying the theories in question and justifying the use of appropriate interventions.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Based on the theory demonstrated in both videos:

  • Define the problem in each video.
  • Create a theory-based treatment plan, including short- and long-term goals for the couples and/or families.(use attached template)
  • Explain two theory-based interventions you would use and justify your selection.
  • Explain one anticipated outcome of each theory-based intervention.

Link to videos:

Support your Assignment with specific references :

Gurman, A. S., Lebow, J. L., Snyder, D. K. (2015).
Clinical handbook of couple therapy. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.

  • Chapter 9, “Bowen Family Systems Couple Coaching”
  • Chapter 13, “Structural Couple Therapy”

Farmer, C., & Geller, M. (2005). The integration of psychodrama with Bowen’s theories in couples therapy.
Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry, 58(2), 70–85.

Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

Strait, J. G., Sandberg, J. G., Larson, J. H., &Harper, J. M. (2015). The relationship between family-of-origin experiences and sexual satisfaction in married couples.
Journal of Family Therapy, 37(3), 361-385.

Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

construction control assignment 1

This is graded homework. Include a problem statement with each problem. Put your name, course number, and page number at the top of each page.

These problems refer to the projects shown in Newitt Chapter 22, Managing Projects Using Microsoft Project. The projects are included on the CD in your textbook. Do not simply copy the files off of the CD – create them yourself. Format the output for each of the questions to print on a single page. Choose portrait or landscape orientation for each question to produce an easy-to-read product. For the requirements below, the Project Start date is Monday June 10, 2019. Prepare your reports as of Friday June 28, 2019. For the reports, show the project on schedule for critical activities, and 3 days ahead of schedule for non-critical activities.

1. Prepare a Project Manager’s Bar Chart as described in Report 2 (Pg. 288) and shown in Figure 22.15.Include all activities under a single summary task named “Warehouse” as shown in the figure.Format critical path activities to show in red.Format the bars to include progress status (This is default).

2. Prepare an Owner’s Tabular Report as described in Report 6 and shown in Figure 22.21. Follow the directions under “Report 5” to be sure that the report shows Late Start/Late Finish dates.

3.Prepare a GANTT chart schedule for the three floor office building shown under Report 11, Scheduling Repetitive Activities. Show the critical path.

a. Use the logic shown in Figure 22.29 for each of the three floors.

b. Include a summary task for each floor as shown in Figure 22.31.

c. You only have one crew available for each trade (Carpenters, Drywall, Carpet layers, etc.). Add logic relationships to ensure that the crews can only work on one floor at a time.Hint: follow the procedure outlined on page 300 and shown in Figure 22.32.

5 read and answer quizs

THE BLACK FAMILY Read two articles by Billingsley; Frazier Take‐‐‐QUIZ #6

EDUCATION Read two articles by Douglass; Mazique Take‐‐‐QUIZ #7


ART, MUSIC, & DANCE Read three articles by Maultsby; Neal; George Take‐‐‐QUIZ #9

RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY Read two articles by Nobles; DuBois Take‐‐‐QUIZ #10


Quiz link

supporting diversity through 21st century teaching and learning 5

Supporting Diversity through 21st Century Teaching and Learning

This assignment re- introduces you to the framework of 21st century skills that you will consider each week as you work to redesign prior coursework for your ePortfolio. Note that a similar format is followed for each of the assignments in this course. You will upload this assignment to the course for evaluation and to your ePortfolio.

Specifically, after reviewing the Framework for 21st Century Learning (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., you will redesign or modify a prior assignment from one of your courses in the master’s program that represents your mastery of your programs learning outcomes (MAED or MASE). An assignment you may want to redesign could be in the form of a lesson plan or teaching unit you previously created for a course. Your redesign of the assignment must show a representation of 21st century learning through incorporation of student outcomes and support systems, which are defined as follows:

  • Student Outcomes: Learning and Innovations Skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity), Core Subjects 3Rs and 21st Century Themes, Information, Media, and Technology Skills, Life and Career Skills.
  • Support Systems: Standards and assessments, curriculum and instruction, professional development, learning environments.

When selecting an assignment to redesign, think about how the assignment should consider the diverse strengths, differences, cultures, and communities of students while offering a safe, collaborative, engaging, and inclusive learning environment. If you do not have previous work to use for this assignment, please contact your instructor for guidelines on how to proceed. As needed, refer to your program learning outcomes (PLOs) list (MAED, or MASE).

NOTE* Before you select the PLO’s you will highlight in this assignment, be sure to read the final assignment for this course to ensure that you will cover each of your programs PLOs adequately.

In your paper,
Create your assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations noted below.

Content Expectations

The Redesign expectations explain what you are required to do with the prior coursework you choose to redesign. The Summary expectations are for the separate written portion of this assignment.

  • Redesign – Outcomes (2 Points): Redesign of the lesson plan or teaching unit includes at least one component of the following 21st Century Student Outcomes: Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes, Learning and Innovation Skills, Information, Media, and Technology Skills, and Life and Career Skills.
  • Redesign – Support Systems (1 Point): Redesign of the lesson plan or teaching unit includes at least one component of the following 21st Century Support Systems: 21st Century Standards, Assessment for 21st Century Skills, 21st Century Curriculum and Instruction, and 21st Century Learning Environments.
  • Summary – Introduction/Conclusion (1 Point): A one paragraph introduction to the summary that concisely presents the scope and organization of the summary writing, as well as a one paragraph conclusion that recaps your summary’s key points.
  • Summary – Modification (1 Point): For each revision, summarize in a paragraph how you revised the activity to address the components of 21st Century Student Outcomes and 21st Century Support systems. Explicitly state how your redesign assignment provides evidence of mastery of at least two PLO’s from your master’s program. .
  • Summary – Reflection (1 Point): In one page, reflect on your experience with the redesign in terms of challenges you encountered and how you overcame those challenges, including any difficulties experienced in revising to address the components of 21st Century Student Outcomes and 21st Century Support systems.

Written Communication Expectations

  • Page Requirement (.5 points): Two to four pages, not including title and references pages.
  • APA Formatting (.5 points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout the assignment.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (.5 points): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics such as spelling and grammar.
  • Source Requirement (.5 points): Reference three scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook.

All sources on the references page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.

Link for 21st Century Framework –