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The majority of the companies today, depend on virtual or real-life systems administration to carry out their day to day operations. According to Möller and Halinen (2011), challenges are faced in organizations in four dimensions of managerial intricacy. All the issues which are distinguished in these four dimensions are between related. The management must face regulatory and political issues and should resolve those in a delicate way. The networked organizations ought to have managers who are trained proficiently to handle the information framework because the information put away in the framework is particularly critical for the organization. New hardware and new software are always expected to keep the framework updated. Along these lines, the managers and IT chiefs need to get updated every now and again.

The investigation by Tikkanen and Halinen (2013) says, on account of networked organizations, the performance of a particular organization is affected by the effectiveness of different partners. Thus, it is extremely necessary to manage those relationships so as to keep up the effectiveness of the organization. Shared objectives are not necessary to frame a system but rather it is always better to locate some shared goals so as to avoid a clash of intrigue. There is always a chance that one of the incredible partners of the system can shape its own focused business arrange which can be detrimental to the one concerned organization. Creating enough business open doors for each of the partners is necessary to avoid this sort of rivalry.

Association Between the Articles-

The two articles have endeavored to discover distinctive issues faced by the management arrange and have also recommended diverse ways to avoid such sorts of situations. They have recommended that the organizations should always invite changes in the workplace and should endeavor to utilize systems and the web to adjust to these changes for better performance of their organization. The management is should have been adaptable to changes else they will cause their organization to fall behind because of their performance. It is important for each organization to have its very own standardized procedure and system frameworks. As the networked organizations have to work with different partners also, blending of procedures and way of working can hamper the natural progression of work in the organization.

Relevant Information-

From the investigation of Möller and Halinen (2011), detailed information about the four dimensions of management, from where the maximum issues arise, can be drawn. Those four dimensions are client or provider relationship management, management of relationship portfolios, organize management and understanding the system. At each dimension, the issues are unique and those issues are should have been handled in an unexpected way.

Tikkanen, J., and Halinen, A. (2013) have talked about the importance of having an upper hand over the system firms by having an unmistakable framework and organizational structures. Diverse partners of the systems convey distinctive values to the organization and ought to be treated in a one of a kind manner. An organization ought to always have a clear understanding and vision of the system so as to avoid any downfall or rivalries. In an organizational system, diverse companies are reliant and exertion and speculation from each of them are required to make that arrange effectively. This interdependency can be helpful and can also be ended up being harmful to an individual company if the system relationship isn’t handled strategically.

discussion questions 492

Discuss how you will analyze the security of the organization prior to conducting a penetration test. Why is it important to gain authorization before you conduct a penetration test? How do you plan to attack the organization’s IT systems? How will you report vulnerabilities which you identify back to the organization?

Discuss how you could use firewalls to support organizational security? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using hardware and software-based firewalls? What software tools could you use to assess the security of the firewalls used to protect your organization’s computer architecture? How can you bypass blocked sites using anonymous website surfing sites?

Research industry and government regulations in the context of the organization you chose in Week 1.

Discuss which resource(s) you found to be most useful in terms not only of researching the different types of industry and government regulations that exist, but which industry and government regulations must be implemented for a given security scenario.

What criteria are you using, or thinking of using, to determine which type of industry or government regulation is most appropriate for your particular individual assignment?

A cybersecurity risk management plan is a plan designed to protect a system exposed to the internet, internal employees, contractors, disasters, failures, etc.

Discuss some common cybersecurity risk response, change management, version control, and incident response processes that you might consider incorporating into the cybersecurity plan you will be creating for this week’s individual assignment. Are cybersecurity risk management processes similar from system to system? Where can you locate best practices for preventing or mitigating cybersecurity risk management threats?

Embedded systems are being integrated into many products. They are also being used to enable the Internet of Things. As embedded systems become more widespread, they present additional opportunities for hackers to exploit them to gain access to systems and data.

Discuss how organizations should analyze the security implications of embedded systems that they use. What are the consequences of having unprotected Linux operating systems installed on embedded systems? What steps should an organization take to secure the embedded systems that integrate with their technology architecture?


Discussion E: The Dialectic

1. Identify a topic we have studied up to this point that you feel you have most fully understood.
2. Initial Post (300 words)
  • In your own words, explain your pet theory as if you were teaching a high schooler. Make sure to include the elements that you think are the most fundamental to the theory.

influence of economics on household decision making 26

Purpose of Assignment

To locate, retrieve, and evaluate the effects of macroeconomic indicators on your own decision making.

Assignment Steps

Scenario: Consider your last big purchase such as a car, appliances, home repairs, home purchase, computer equipment, college tuition, or another “big-ticket” item, which are often purchased using loans/financing (by borrowing money). Also consider your decision-making process that led you to choose a particular make, model, or brand of the product (or service) you purchased and whether it was the right time to make the purchase given economic conditions at the time of your purchase. While analyzing your decision, keep in mind everything from interest rates to the prices of complementary and substitute goods are driven by human economic behavior.

Develop a minimum 1,050word analysis of your decision-making process in which you include the following:

  • Retrieve statistics on Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and on Real Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) by year for the last ten years. You can retrieve those statistics from internet sources including, but not limited to, the Federal Reserve of St. Louis’s FRED web site, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) web site, or another credible source of your choice. Post these statistics in a single worksheet of an Excel® workbook and submit your Excel® file with your report. In your report, discuss the latest 10-year trends in both GDP and PCE. Also discuss how the trends in GDP compare with trends in PCE. You are encouraged to include graphs of these statistics in your report; you could create the graphs in Excel® and copy them into your report.
  • Retrieve statistics on the Effective Federal Funds Rate and on the Consumer Price Index: All Items Less Food and Energy by year for the last 30 years. You can retrieve those statistics from internet sources including, but not limited to, the Federal Reserve of St. Louis’s FRED website, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website, or other credible sources of your choice. Post these statistics in a single worksheet of an Excel workbook and submit your Excel file with your report. In your report, discuss how the trends in the Effective Federal Funds Rate compare with trends in inflation. If you took out a loan to pay for your “big-ticket” purchase, what was the interest rate on your loan? Were interest rates rising or falling at that time? Were interest rates relatively high or low at that time? You are also encouraged to include graphs of these statistics in your report.
  • Discuss the influence of any federal government or state government programs, such as tax credits or tax deductions for energy-saving/efficiency purchases, on your decision to make your last big purchase; or if government incentives did not factor into your decision, explain why not.
  • Develop conclusions about the economy’s influence on personal and business decision-making relative to purchases of big-ticket items, investments, or other major purchases.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Use In-Text citations according to all references used.

List all references used.

Submit the paper as well as the two required Excel files.