creative issues 2

Previously you completed a list of ethical issues currently trending in your field. Now it is time to put on your “creative hat” and come up with your own ethical issues. Again, utilizing the spectrum of business that your company falls under research and or formulate ethical situations that may not currently be plaguing the field but that are of high concern and must be addressed.

Please write a 2-3 page paper, using proper APA Formatting and including each of the minimum of three ethical issues that are not currently trending. For each issue you are asked to identify and summarize the ethical concern itself and subsequently analyze the concern and what troubles it may bring to the company, the employee or both.


I need a tutor help write the term paper. Firstly, you should answer the part problem first and to write the paper(when you finished part problem please send the answer for me first)Yellow line is the part question. You should know how to use Eviews and excel to calculate the quantitive. Paper is not requirement about pages. You just need answer the problem and complete the question. Thank you!!

please see requirements 8

Argumentation Essay

Write a
750-1000 word argumentation/persuasion essay using any approach as a method of development.

An effective argumentative essay must have evidence to make its case; most arguments that occur in daily life happen in the heat of the moment and are more likely directed toward saving one’s own pride than toward giving clear and supportive proof to one’s claims.

Writing Approach

Knowing how to brainstorm is going to save you from writing a weak essay. Also, knowing how to support your claims with evidence from outside sources will further strengthen your essay. For that reason, this assignment requires the use of two references. In addition, you will add a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Finally, your Works Cited page will be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format so that all information provided will be easy for your reader to find.

Before attempting this essay:

  • Review all of the chapter sections located in Lessons 6 and 7.
  • Review the available documents and sources located at the Helpful Resources folder on the course menu.

Writing Assignment

Purpose: to persuade

Method of Development: your choice

Choose your own topic, but make sure that it is something that can actually be argued. You cannot argue something that is a fact. You can argue for or against something. Some examples are:

  • Should teenagers be able to play violent video games?
  • Should cellphones be allowed in the classroom?
  • Is social media destroying the way we communicate?

The above items can be argued but there are many others to choose from. The choice is yours. If you have something in mind but you are unsure if it will work as an argumentative/persuasive essay, please send me a message through the Messages link for assistance.

discussion question 1319


1. Do you view nursing as a career or a job? What are your professional goals related to nursing?

2. Describe the steps you would take to prepare yourself to interview for your ideal future Nursing role?

Each question must have at least 3 paragraphs and you must use at 3 least references (APA) included in your post.

need assistance with a class assignment

Design a 12 topic agenda for a 2-day, 16-hour leadership retreat.

Create the agenda topics with 250-word descriptions relevant to issues related to health care entities.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

i need help writing a discussion 3

Have you ever experienced discrimination or have you observed it in real life or the social media?

Remember to answer in no less than 250 words. Feel free to comment to classmates or start threads or discussions.

modeling the early life course

Topic: Modeling the Early Life Course


Need minimum 300 words

Need minimum 3 APA References

write a lab report 19

write a lab report, and please answer the discussion questions and include the results of the experiment and any notes that may aid in justifying your results.

personal statement 69

Personal Essay should address why I selected pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to my immediate and Long term professional goals. Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help me achieve my goals.

based on the quot case study healing and autonomy quot and other required topic study materials you will complete the quot applying the four principles case study quot document that includes the following 1

This assignment will incorporate a common practical tool in helping clinicians begin to ethically analyze a case. Organizing the data in this way will help you apply the four principles of principlism.

Based on the “Case Study: Healing and Autonomy” and other required topic study materials, you will complete the “Applying the Four Principles: Case Study” document that includes the following:

Part 1: Chart

This chart will formalize principlism and the four-boxes approach by organizing the data from the case study according to the relevant principles of biomedical ethics: autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice.

Part 2: Evaluation

This part includes questions, to be answered in a total of 500 words, that describe how principalism would be applied according to the Christian worldview.