4 page Public Health Research ” Opioid Addiction in Teens” Selection Bias” Savvy Essay Writers

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4 page Public Health Research ” Opioid Addiction in Teens” Selection Bias”

Due 6/16  7 p.m


4 pages not including Title & Ref Page Min 3

APA Format, Please check grammar

Read Directions


This second SPP assignment focuses on the sections of your research protocol that will provide brief background information and support for your topic choice, a discussion of your study design and target population, identification of your population sample and its required size, a description of recruitment or data selection strategies, and considerations of selection bias.

For the body of the assignment, you will include a 1-page (maximum) description of necessary background information on your topic based on existing literature. Note that this is not expected to be a thorough literature review, but rather a concise summary of important information about your topic that is needed to set the context for your proposed research study. (Note: Any background information will be assumed to be accurate. It will not be assessed, although any background material over 1 page will be ignored. Appropriate references must be provided for the background material.)

This assignment should be written as a 4 page scholarly paper excluding title page and references (do not just provide an outline). APA form and style are expected to be followed, including the correct use of in-text citations and references. 

The following is an example of a content outline for this paper. While you are not required to follow this outline exactly, all of the following content should be included in some way in the scholarly paper:

(Include this in your paper)

  • Background (one page maximum)
    • Statistics and information about the health outcome/disease(s)
    • Statistics and information about the exposure/risk factor(s)
    • Brief discussion of possible connection between exposure(s) and outcome(s) and justification for the study
  • Target population and sample size
    • Description of target population and sample
      • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
      • The sampling strategy to be used
    • Sample size considerations (how large of a sample do you need and why)
  • Recruitment (primary data collection) or data selection (secondary data) strategies
    • If collecting your own data, describe:
      • How you will find and contact potential participants (where, when, with what method)
      • The type of data collection method to be used (e.g., online survey)
      • How many times participants will be contacted and by what method
    • If using secondary data (an existing database), describe:
      • The procedures used for recruitment, participation, and data collection by the owners of the database (i.e., how were the data in the database collected?)
      • How you will gain access to the dataset
  • Selection biases
    • Description of potential selection bias concerns (i.e., how representative your sample will be of the larger population)
    • Discussion of strategies you will use to minimize selection bias in your study

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