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Write a 2 paragraph response to this post offering additional thoughts regarding the examples shared, SDLC-related issues, and ideas on how the inclusion of nurses might have impacted the example described by your colleagues. Use 2 sources 



Consequences not involving nurses in each stage of SDLC when purchasing and implementing a new technology system can impact the an organization with medical errors, elevated costs, and loss of time, in fact, “there is evidence that nurse involvement in all stages of health IT development and implementation can improve the effective execution and use of health IT systems,” There is also evidence that supports the significant role of nurses in monitoring and prevention of medical errors, duties that are more supportive of the critical role of nursing in surveillance and interception of medical mistakes, tasks that are more effective and efficient with the help of well-designed technology solutions. Having nurses involved in the design and implementation of such systems will likely improve their ability to detect and avoid errors (Rein, 2011).

Feasibility:  In this stage, it is being determined if the project should be implemented. There is the economic factor of cost, the legal aspects, regulations that could affect the project, and the operational feasibility that determines how this technology will be in meeting the needs of the organization (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018). In the operational stage, nurses would be most utilized by assessing how well the technology would help in achieving the goals of the project or help by resolving any issues that may arise with the technology. Analysis: In this stage prioritizing the needs and evaluating alternatives, reviewing administrative policies, and making recommendations to management to help reduce any delays, errors, or data losses (Rehani, n.d.). Design: In the design stage, this is where the team works together to collaborate and critically think about the data that qualifies, and that is fundamental in the process. Implement: Staff education, system support, and assessment of outcomes are essential components during the implementation process. The system defects are assessed and redesigned. Nurses that are trained in the technology can be educators in the implementation process to help with a smooth transition. Testing: In the testing phase, the technology is evaluated and tested by the team. Nurses can help in the testing phase to make sure that the technology is doing what it needs to do so the nurses can perform their duties. Maintain: Once the system is in place, it must be maintained, and any support that is needed will happen in this phase. Nurses can contribute as the needs change.

I work at an outpatient surgery center, and since I have been there, there have not been any new health technology systems implemented. I believe if there were that the nursing staff would have input on the decision-making process. Our nursing staff is small compared to hospitals, and we work together as a unit. One of the technologies that have been up for discussion is the implementation of electronic charting systems. The application of electronic charting can decrease the risk of adverse effects such as medication errors, delays in treatment and diagnosis, allergies, and infection prevention. It is stated that every hour spent on health care, a nurse spends 30-60 minutes on paperwork. Paper charting is time-consuming and more often incomplete or not legible (Jelec, Sukalic & Friganovic, 2016). Due to cost, the board at my surgery center has decided not to implement this technology now.

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