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Each paragraph must contain 5 or more sentences.  Please read the rubric. Do not cite the Internet, only cite from the textbook. You must cite the text at least 3 times for your entire post in MLA style (see Announcements). Respond to 2 or more classmates with 3 or more sentences. Failure to follow these instructions will result in deduction of points. Remember that you will obtain a failing score for the entire DB post if you first submit a blank post first, for I consider it cheating. Along the lines of cheating, submitting a partial DB post first and an additional one to complete the DB will also result in only the first (partial) post being graded. In other words, keep all answers on one post. 

For more info on grading policy for Discussion Boards see the grading rubric located in the syllabus and other docs tab. Lastly, all citations must contain page numbers or else you will lose 10 points. 

Chapters 7-9

In one full page explain the following: What important cultural differences between Mexican Americans and the dominant society shaped the relationships between the two groups?

In half of a page explain the following: In what ways are the experiences of Puerto Ricans and Cuban Americans unique compared with those of other minority groups? How do these differences reflect other differences, such as differences in contact situation?

In a third full page explain the following: Describe the cultural characteristics of Asian American groups. How did these characteristics shape relationships with the larger society? Did they contribute to the perception of Asian Americans as “successful”? How?

In the same third explain the following: Compare and contrast the contact situations for Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, and Cuban Americans. What common characteristics led to the construction of ethnic enclaves for all three groups? How and why did these enclaves vary from one another?

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