age journal

Part 1

How did you score on the Ageism Survey? Do you sometimes discriminate against people because of their age? Read the statements above. What are your thoughts about the statements?

What are some ways the media (e.g., advertising, television and movies) reflect ageist attitudes? Make a list of people or characters that portray ageist stereotypes.

Part 2

At some point this week, conduct an interview with someone in your life about ageism. You can choose to interview someone older or younger than you. Brainstorm a list of possible questions for your interview. Consider using the following questions to help get your interview started:

  • Has anyone ever made fun of you because of your age? When?
  • Is it harmful to judge people because of their age? Why?
  • Are there ever good reasons to discriminate against someone because of their age? Why or why not?
  • Once you’ve completed your interview please record your findings here.
  • What was your emotional response during and after the interview? In what ways can you relate to your interviewee?

Part 3

Why is age discrimination harmful to people and to society as a whole?

What are some ways we can fight ageism?

How well do you tend to interact with people who are 20 or more years older than you? With people 10 or more years younger than you?

Which generation cohort do you belong to? Do you agree with the defining events and characteristics listed on the chart? Why? List events/ characteristics you feel most represent your generation. How do you think these events/characteristics shaped your sense of self?

In your own words, what are Implicit and Explicit Ageism? Give an example from your personal life or create your own example. Have you heard the terms Implicit and Explicit before in regard to discrimination? Examples?