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Alternative Medicine Paper


Allopathic Treatment Procedures


Alternative Treatment Procedures

  1. Pick a condition (Example: Herniated Disc Pain)
  2. Discuss the signs and symptoms of the condition
  3. Discuss/Outline treatment procedures done by an Allopathic Physician
  4. Discuss/Outline treatment procedures done by THREE different Alternative Health Care Physicians
  5. Summarize and Compare the treatment procedures of the Allopathic Physician and the Three Alternative Physicians. Also include time/frequency of treatments and costs associated for each.

Select your Alternative Physicians from any of the Categories that have been identified in the book.


Manipulative Therapies:

Chiropractic Physician

  1. Eastern Therapies:
  2. Manipulative Therapies:
  3. Natural Therapies:
  4. Mind-Body Therapies:
  5. Energy Therapies:

Papers will be graded according to the final criteria:

25%: Correct and relevant content pertaining to course

25%: Correct spelling/grammar of all information presented

25%: Clarity of thought, expression and presentation

25%: Correct use of APA style and format, including references

This is an APA style paper and should be; 3-4 pages in length, double spaced, word document, times roman and 12 pt. font. You must include at least one peer-reviewed journal article from the EU library.

Please include at least 4 references.


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