annotated bibliography and literature review 1

Part A:

Annotated bibliography and literature review

Select 30 papers about Securing Cloud Data and Privacy. It must contain the following contents:

a. Citation
b. Introduction
c. Aim and research method
d. Scope
e. Usefulness
f. Limitations
g. Conclusions


since you will use these papers for Part B, you should select papers

which are suitable for your knowledge and discipline, i.e., it can be

related to topics in information systems, information technology, or

computer science.

Part B:

Critical literature review, qualitative

design and qualitative analysis Using the method of exploratory design,

design your research on a topic about Security Policies for Securing

Cloud Data and Privacy. Your design should consist of the following

a. Critical literature review
b. Identifying a research problem,
c. Survey, and
d. Qualitative analysis.

Critical literature review : review these papers you selected in Part A and write a report to summarise them including
a. Describe related work,
b. Describe the significance and contribution of each paper and compare them,
c. Describe the limitations, and
d. Identify a research problem you want to address.

Research proposal: Your proposal should cover the following aspects:
a. The background and research problem,
b. The review of literature or theoretical framework of the study,
c. Objectives or aims,
d. The methodology and procedure of the study,
e. Implications or significance of the problem,
f. Expected outcomes and