BCOM 275 Complete Course (Business Comm. & Critical Thinking) A+ Week1-5 Savvy Essay Writers

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BCOM 275 Complete Course (Business Comm. & Critical Thinking) A+ Week1-5

BCOM 275 (Business Communication & Critical Thinking)


Week 1

Week 1 DQ1                          Receiver of Message

Week 1 DQ2                          (Sender of Message)

Week 1 DQ3                          (Communication Process)

Week 1 DQ 4                         (Gadget Geek)

Week 1 Assignment:

Communication Process Model (500+ Words)

Week 2

Week 2 DQ 1                         (Faulty Premise or Faulty Reasoning)                    


Week 2 DQ 2                         (Valid Vs. Invalid Argument)

Week 2 DQ 3                                     (Reliable Data)

Week 2 DQ 4                         (Validity, Credibility & Reliability)

Week 2 Assignment:

Demonstrative Communication (1000+ Words)

Week 3

Week 3 DQ 1                         (New Employee Advice)

Week 3 DQ 2                         (Face to Face Communication)

Week 3 DQ 3                         (Constructive Feedback & Active Listening)


Week 3 DQ 4                         (Conveying Information)

Week 3 Assignment:

Article Rebuttal: Marijuana(400+ Words)

Learning Team Debate Paper Outline on Nuclear Power Plants (350+ Words)

Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1                         (Persuasion)


Week 4 DQ 2                         (Rational Claims and Emotional Claims)

Week 4 DQ 3                         (Persuasion and Manipulation)

Week 4 DQ 4                         (Validity of an Argument)

Week 4 Assignment:

Knowing Your Audience (750+ Words)

Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1                         (Moral Relativism)

Week 5 DQ 2                         (Sensitive Information)

Week 5 DQ 3                         (Language Barrier)


Week 5 DQ 4                         (Ethics & Laws)


Week 5 Assignment:

Should The World Have Nuclear Power Plants? (2300+ Words)


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