cis205 human computer interaction 6

Testing Prototype Interfaces

  1. Complete the tutorial on User Testing a Paper Prototype
  2. Complete the tutorial on User Testing and Rapid Prototyping.

UX Evaluation

  1. Read Chapter 12 on evaluation
                          1. Formative and Summative
                          2. Evaluation of Data
                        1. Watch

Rapid Evaluation Methods

  1. Read Chapter 13 on rapid evaluation Methods
                          1. Design Walkthroughs
                          2. Heuristic evaluation
                          3. Practical approach
                          4. Quasi-empirical
                          5. Questionnaires
                          6. specialized rapid methods
                        1. Watch

Find two examples of good user interfaces and two poor examples. Evaluate each. Describe the purpose of the interface and its intended users. Analyze its good and bad points of usability with reference to all the dimensions of usability including learnability, visibility, efficiency, and errors. Then illustrate your analysis with appropriate screenshots or photographs