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program proposal.  APA style 10 pages 

Topic: Implementing and Planning for a community center specific to serving HIV/AIDS patients including youths and adults and preventative services 

Program Name: Leaders in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care 

Name of Agency Healthy Living Continues Center (HLCC)


Planning process:  consider who is in charge, who should be involved, what data is needed, where should planning occur, will there be resistance and if so from where, who will be early adopters

Timetable:  1. Include a PERT application and diagram, draw a diagram of the program plan

2. Complete a GANTT chart of the activities related to each objective in the project in order Meet project goals

Data Planning:  Collect data on Demographics of clients, disease statics, vital statics, existing 

similar Programs, socioeconomic/environmental support and explain how these data will help the program.

Performance planning: will this program have the best potential to make a difference, are the 

available resources to accomplish this goal available, what will be the on going needs to make a change in the community, and prioritize the greatest needs for this project to reach its optimum performance

Planning models:  Understand the PATCH and APEX program planning models developed by the 

Center for disease control. Explain how these models can be applied to the

Project and select the model you feel works best with your project by define 

The model, the goal, model elements, and the model’s planning process

Mission Statement: Create a mission statement that includes name of the agency, the name of the 

Program, who the program serves, purpose of the program, program goals and

The services offered by the program. 

Vision Statement:  Write a vision statement for the program

Implementation:  within the implementation explain how you will fully implement this program, 

Skills and resources that will be useful to the program, the community need for

this program, program objectives, program strategies, values and practices that 

the program will exhibit.

TimeLine: Prepare a timeline for the program implementation, list the people to be

Involved and resources needed to complete implementation, such as a budget

Results/evaluation was the appropriate methods and process selected to accomplish this program.

List the most important objectives, at least four. 

Talk about what political and other historical conditions that can help or hinder 

The outcome of this program. Finalize and conclude the paper

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