complete project by using the guide provided write porter s five forces on canadian solar and executive summary ensure to write pestel report seperately and executive summary


Research your Canadian solar industry and its market trends in the United States and identify market opportunities, threats, and the company’s major global competition. Then conduct the Porter’s five forces analyses on your client’s company. These tools should allow you to analyze the company’s internal environment, customers, and macro-environment (external environment), and to answer the following questions in your situation analysis report:

  • Which elements have the biggest impact on the company’s success?
  • What factors affect the company’s customers (other businesses)?

Deliverable: Your final situation analysis by the end of Week 8 should include your three-page overview of your research findings and an eight-page review of your environmental scan. The completed situation analysis report should be eleven pages, excluding cover page, executive summary, the reference list, and appendices. Any tables, graphs, and figures should be included as appendices. Your report should have one-inch margins and be double spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. The report should be organized using headings and subheadings to improve its readability.

Support your work with scholarly sources and reliable nonscholarly sources such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance,,, Money, Forbes, Fortune, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review, as well as the UMUC Library databases such as Hoover’s and ABI/INFORM. All sources need to be cited using APA formatting, both within the text and in the reference list.

By the end of Week 8, submit your situation analysis report to your team’s study group. ONLY 8 pages IN TOTAL IS NEEDED FOR MY OWN PART (PORTER’S FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS 5pages AND 3 pages EXECUTIVE SUMMARY)

As you progress with the final project, allow me to provide you three areas where I’ve seen students make missteps:

  1. Remember the project’s purpose. In the past I’ve seen students artfully use the tools. They write outstanding SWOTs and outline the PESTEL. But, they forget the main purpose of the project. You’re using the tools for a purpose. Be sure to make a clear recommendation for your client that flows throughout the project.
  2. Integrate the work toward the project’s purpose. I understand that the project work is divided among the group members. But, that shouldn’t prevent the group from integrating across the many tools and toward the purpose. I often see disconnects between sections, which I understand because the sections are divided between your team. But, if you want to exceed the expectations, your final paper should flow between the sections. You should consider how to best link across the sections. You can reference the earlier sections if needed. I like to look for themes that emerge across the plan.
  3. Be clear if you’re discussing a B2B or B2C marketing plan. If you don’t understand B2B (business-to-business) review Step 2. Often I see groups create elaborate plans but skip a critical step – they forget to explain exactly who purchases from Canadian Solar. This is different from earlier projects where you were conducting B2C analysis and it should be clear in the plan.