Two Short Dicussion Board Questions

  • 1. What processes can an agency use to recognize warning signs of an internal crisis before it creates a major impact?
  • 2. RESPOND to this student comment: (Jared) Inspections and pre-plans could help identify potential for a major event before it occurs. Inspecting both, your agencies resources and capabilities, along with high risk areas or businesses will help identify gaps that can be proactively addressed with mutual aid agreements or capital investments. Developing and practicing pre-plans for emergencies will help personnel and business owners to be prepared for an incident. I used to work in a small town where the only Haz Mat technicians were EMS employees, we did a lot of pre-planning around a single Anhydrous Ammonia container that sat in the middle of town, next to a school. We quickly identified that we had the tools for the first hour or so an incident but would need additional assistance for transport and clean up.