Current Event: Race and Ethnicity


This is a discussion assignment. Uncivil behavior (including ad hominem attacks and harsh language) will result in a zero for the assignment or, in the event of an especially severe case, a failure of the course.

Race is a very important topic today, as it has been at many times in America’s history. Many have argued that it is time that we had an open, civil discussion about race.

For this assignment, please Link to the original story in your post. Briefly describe what the significant racial element is in the story. Then, read at least one other student’s article and comment on their article and summary.

Select a current event that relates to race and ethnicity. Recount a news story covering event that has appeared in a major, well-regarded news outlet (The New York Times, Fox News, NPR). In 100-200 words, briefly describe the article and provide its link. Then read another student’s post and comment on their article answering the following questions:

  • Why did you select this article, and how does it relate to anthropological ideas about race and ethnicity?
  • Was the racial issue the same in both cases?
  • Were their significant changes in perspective?
  • What could account for these disparities?

Engage in meaningful dialogue with at least two classmates for possible full credit.