d1 module 1 discussion

Heidegger said that “We have still not come face to face with … what intrinisically desires to be thought about in an essential sense … we human beiings do not yet sufficiently reach out and turn toward what desires to be thought” (pg 15). After reading the entire essay, what do you think he means by this? Finally, can you give an example of each, either from your own life, or an example that you’re familiar with from literature or film?

To get full credit for this post, you must:

  • address the prompt(s) fully (write a paragraph or two). Cite the text where appropriate;
  • respond meaningfully to one classmate’s posting (say something substantial – add to the discussion!) (your response should be a well-thought-out paragraph or two). Cite the text where appropriate; and
  • use standard English and grammar in all postings.
  • This is the book: Powerful Ideas: An Introduction to Philosophy, 2nd edition