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Primary Source Analysis 1

You will select ONE primary source that deals with the course and write a 700-word analysis. The assignment is worth fifteen (15) points and ten (10) percent of your final grade.

1. Read the following website that deals with the differences between primary and secondary sources.

2. Read the following website that deals with critical analysis.

3. Select one primary source from any of the three chapters. I’ve included links to the documents. 

Chapter 1

Andrew Carnegie, Triumphant Democracy

Irish Immigrants

Chinese Immigration

Sadie Frowne

Railroad Strike of 1877

Populist Party Platform 1892

Chapter 2

Upton Sinclair, The Jungle

Muller v Oregon

Chapter 3

World War I Document Archive

Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Red Record

4. In your analysis, you should discuss the following:

a. what the author argued or described

b. how the author presented his/her argument or interpretation

c. why the author chose that method of presentation and persuasion (in other words, what did the author view as the evidence and arguments that would most likely persuade his/her audience, what assumptions did the author expect his/her audience shared, and what assumptions did the author challenge)

d. what the author ultimately hoped to achieve by writing the text.

5. You should write in the past tense.

6. You should begin with an introductory paragraph that argues a point and tells the reader what you will tell them. Then you should write a body of three or four paragraphs that support your argument. Finally, you must include a conclusion that tells the reader what you told them i.e. recaps the content of the analysis.

7. You should double space your analysis. If you fail to double space your assignment, then you will deduct one point.

8. Please use a title page and begin your introduction at the top of page 1. You should use standard margins and fonts. If you fail to include a title page and use the correct margins, then you will deduct one point.

9. You may not block quote or quote from the document excessively. Instead, you should paraphrase i.e. put things in your own words.

10. Please use Chicago Manual of Style citation rules

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