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Due 6 hours 500 words

Assignment Instructions

  1. If you have not done so already, review the full Practice Speech 1: Self Introduction Overview (opens in a new window)
  2. Then, submit your assignment for grading.

This course is designed to help you develop as a competent and professional speaker. The speeches you complete for this course should reflect professional dispositions. Here are a few expectations for your speeches:

  1. The speech should be given in an environment free from distractions and noise. Having a TV on in the background, or hearing dogs barking, is distracting to the viewer, and doesn’t reflect positively on the speaker. The lighting in the room should be bright enough that the speaker is clearly visible, and care should be taken to not “backlight” the speaker.
  2. The speaker should be in a standing position. Sitting or lying down are not acceptable positions in this course.
  3. The camera should be positioned far enough away that the viewer can see most of the speaker’s body. Because non-verbal cues, gestures, and body position is an important part of speaking, it is critical that those aspects are visible in the speech.
  4. The camera should be in a stationary, stable position. Placing it on a solid surface that isn’t prone to movement is best.
  5. While the speaker may utilize cards or other devices during the speech, it is critical to engage and maintain eye contact with the audience.

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