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 Part 1: Observation • Completed Development Observation with 3-5 bullet points for each area of development (physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and spiritual/moral). • One key term, theory, and/or stage for each bullet point based on the readings and/or research for each area of development. • APA Formatting • Submission will be checked for plagiarism. • Completed Development Observation 

 Part 1: Observation Assignment Instructions 1. Prepare for your observation • Download, print, and review the Developmental Observation Questions handout. (Located on assignment overview page) • Review the following resources per your selected developmental age group. 2. Observe and interact with either a child from birth to 12 years old, an adolescent between 13-17 years of age, or an adult 18+ years old. • You must pick a different age group than the group that the person you chose for your Advancing Development Paper belonged to. • Identify the participant’s name, age, what stood out to you most about the observation, and whether your individual is on track developmentally. 3. Write a bullet point outline that reports the individual’s physical,cognitive, social/emotional, and spiritual/moral development. • Provide 3-5 bullets for each area of development (physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and spiritual/moral). • A minimum of 12 bullet points. • Bullet points should include at least one key term, theory, or stage based on the readings and research for each area of development. • The key terms, theories, or stages should be in bold text. • Each bullet point needs to have a different key term, theory, or stage. 2 • A bullet point should include an example and/or quote illustrating the term/theorist/stage. • e.g. Refer to the Development Observation Guide as a guide to complete your observation. (Located on assignment overview page) 4. Complete and submit your Development Observation Guide and Development Observation Questions. 5. Include at least 2 credible sources 

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