es 1 homework 6

This week, you will look in the mirror to see the impact of your own energy use. You’ll be using the EPA’s energy use and greenhouse gas calculator to determine your own impact on the planet (Part 1). You’ll then upload that information into the GHG equivalency calculator to see what your energy use and offsets mean in real life and visual terms (Part 2). How many cars on the road, trees planted, energy efficient light bulb installed, homes you could power in a year, etc. MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD SCREENSHOTS OF YOUR CALCULATOR RESULTS FOR PARTS 1 & 2!

One of the problems with most calculators of this type are the results are in tonnes of carbon……..but what does that really mean? This exercise will literally show you.

In Part 3, you will analyze your own results to determine if you were surprised or not and how your results compare to society as a whole. Can society be sustainable if they had energy use that was like yours? In part 3, be sure to NUMBER THE QUESTIONS YOU ARE ANSWERING and be detailed in your answers. Be sure to fully address all aspects of the questions I’ve asked. Also be sure to upload screenshots of your results in Part 1 and your Equivalencies in Part 2.

Inputting your own energy data will give you a clearer picture of your own impact. If you don’t have energy data, use the sample data the calculator provides by clicking on the “i” button.