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Evidence based practice


For this assignment, you will complete a 2- to 3-page Evidence Based Practice (EBP) report based on a case study. From the Institute for Healthcare Improvement source below, select one of the case studies related to improving healthcare:

Your report should include the following sections:

1. Introduction:

a. 300-400 words explaining evidence-based practice and decision making.

b. Identify the case study you will examine.

2. EBP Steps:

o Frame 2-3 questions based on the case study you chose to research.

o Acquire evidence to help answer your questions. Identify 3-4 scholarly articles related to your question. The articles should be formatted properly within the body of your paper.

o Appraise the evidence (scholarly articles). Analyze and explain how the selected articles answer your posed questions.

o Integrate the information, make an informed decision based on your selected case study, and rationalize improvement of health outcomes.

o Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency in executing Steps 1-4 and provide ways to improve in the future.

3. Conclusion:

– 200-300 words summarizing your findings and EBP process.

Make sure to cite and make reference list APA Format. 

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