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Foundations of Group Behavior

Robbins and Judge (2017) argue that Group Decision-Making has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths include: (1) groups generate more complete information and knowledge, (2) groups offer increased diversity of views, (3) groups open up the opportunity for more approaches and alternatives to be considered, and (4) groups lead to increased acceptance of solution. The weaknesses of group decision-making include: (1) group decision-making is time consuming, (2) conformity pressure exists in groups, (3) one or few members can dominate group discussion, and (4) group decisions suffer from ambiguous responsibility.

Read the Harvard Business Review Article titled Research: For Crowdsourcing to Work, Everyone Needs an Equal Voice (Becker & Edwards, 2019). The case study has been provided.

Instructions: Please post your INITIAL POST (answer to questions), which should include a minimum of 120 words per question. The sentences/paragraphs are expected to be informed, well-written, and cited, using APA 7 citation. 

Please answer and discuss the following questions. Provide an informed answer and discussion based on the HBR article and Robbins and Judge (2017) textbook, workplace experience, an example that comes to mind based on your informed reading and analysis. Please cite, when necessary and provide References. 

1 (a) What do researchers and pundits argue (in the HBR article) about the wisdom of crowds? 1 (b) What are the two specific circumstances, based on the article?

2 (a) What does new research zero in on and conclude? 2 (b) What is the caveat?

3 (a) What are your thoughts as leader from reading the article? OR, Can you connect this to a workplace situation and provide analysis?

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