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 SHBBNLS001 Provide manicure and pedicare services Assessment Task 2: Project Instructions This assessment task requires you to research various nail disorders and diseases and then develop and submit a word-processed document which summarises the outcomes of this research. You will have access to the following documentation to assist them during this task: • Student Salon Policies and Procedures • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) • Equipment manuals • Student Learner Guide This Assessment Task is in two (2) parts: Part A) Research & respond to various nail diseases and disorders Using word-processing software (like Microsoft Word) you are required to create a table based on the following conditions in regards to recognising and responding to nail diseases and disorders. You are required to research the following 29 conditions: • Tinea Pedis • Tinea Corpis • Blue Nails • Leuconychia • Beau’s Lines • Pterygium • Koilonychia • Paronychia • Tina ungium • Onychocryptosis • Calluses • Heel fissures • Corrugations/furrows • Eczema/dermatitis • Discoloured nails • Habit tic • Onychotrophia • Splinter haemorrhage • Blisters • Bunions • Corns • Eggshell nails • Hammer toes • Hangnails • Onychauxis • Onycholysis • Onychophagy • Onychorrhexis • Brittle nails For each condition above, in your table you are required to address the following: • Describe the appearance of this condition • Provide a picture of the condition (and reference this) • What is the cause of this condition? • Can you treat this? If so, what would the treatment be? • Would you refer this client on to a podiatrist or medical professional? Part B) Analyse conditions and refer the client  SHBBNLS001 Candidate Assessment Kit Page 2 of 2  © Ella Bache College Pty. Ltd. 2017 Version 1.3 You are required to research the seven (7) conditions listed below which are contraindicated to the manicure or pedicure treatment. Conditions: • Allergic reactions • Diabetics • Loss of tactile sensation • Recent fractures of sprains • Bruising or swelling • Recent operations • Cuts and abrasions For each of the conditions below, identify in your document a table which explains: • Why you cannot perform the treatment • Whom you would refer the client on to (a medical professional or podiatrist) Context of assessment • This assessment task may be completed unsupervised in a classroom or independent learning environment. • This assessment must be submitted online in the Learning Management System, unless reasonable adjustments are approved by the Head of Education. Decision-making rules To achieve a satisfactory result, you must: • Submit a completed word-processed document which answer all tasks and activities to an acceptable industry standard. 

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