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Global Health Discussion 5

In this module, you will continue your discussion in the small group you were assigned to in Module Four. This time, in your initial post, you will explain why health promotion, community health, and prevention are important. You should also answer the following questions: How do national organizations like the CDC influence and support policymaking, and what is their role in health promotion? How is the CDC currently addressing the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)? How do organizations like the CDC and the WHO work together to influence health and healthcare delivery? 

For the second part of this discussion, look into the MDG that has been assigned to you. What are the targets and indicators linked to the MDG assigned to you? What progress has been made toward the attainment of the MDG assigned to you? Identify policy that supports movement toward the MDG. 

** MDG Assigned : Ensure Environmental Sustainability**

Discussion 4 post for reference :

 Hello everyone,

One global health issue identified by the CDC (2020), which affects the UK population is immunization. The CDC (2020) states that it has a Global Immunization Division (GID), which promotes the vaccination of individuals against deadly diseases leading to the saving of up to 3 million individuals annually. Despite immunization being a significant health issue, Boseley (2019) reports that the vaccination rates in England are dropping at an alarming rate. Immunization rates for at least thirteen diseases have dropped leading to thousands of children at risk of contracting preventable problems. Such diseases include whooping cough, meningitis, measles, and diphtheria. 

            Within this population, there are certain determinants of health. First, there is the education level of the population. Higher levels of education translate to a better knowledge of health issues and lower ignorance of the same. Second, there is economic hardship. Low-income rates affect the ability of individuals to access quality healthcare. Third, there is the complacency of a population. Despite having knowledge about how diseases are prevented, complacency results in many people ignoring positive health activities. In England, the issue of complacency may contribute to the dropping immunization rates. This is further propagated by misinformation among social circles that lie to the public about the negative effects of immunization. 

            The roles of health promotion and disease management are vital in promoting vaccination within this population. Health promotion can be facilitated by a countrywide sensitization program that educates people on the significance of immunization. Reaching out to people at the grassroots and constantly teaching them about immunization will minimize the spread of misinformation and ensure people are obliged to embrace immunization at greater rates than the current ones. Disease management in this context will involve both local and national governments working with healthcare providers to empower citizens on the need for immunization.

            As a professional, I can address this issue by dedicating myself to the education of the population. I can take a positive and encouraging approach that not only seeks to educate but understand the perceptions of the population. By comprehending what prompts the population to avoid vaccinations, I can know how to effectively communicate with them and erase any misconceptions they may have about immunization. Additionally, I can take a proactive measure of making appointments with individuals I encounter who have not yet embraced immunization. This direct approach will significantly increase immunization rates in the population. Finally, I can set up a channel for immunization reviews so that I know how to improve such programs and make everyone feel welcomed. 


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