health service administration capstone measures

Please submit all of your measures for Learning Contract to this drop box with at least one file (attachment) for each measure listed in the Measures column of your approved Learning Contract. This may include excel spreadsheets/charts/graphs/tables, PPT’s, annotated bibliographies, etc

Annotated bibliography is already completed.

***Attached is my Learning Contract and completed annotated bibliography.

Below are the measures that need to be completed. . Please refer to the attached learning contract for the objectives and strategies.

Please provide separate files for each measures.

For measure 2b….

Fictitious case plans please…please add on more fictitious details…. to the following 2 and make it sound like it’s the same person writing.

1. A 12 girl yr old patient by the name of Sarah Jones. Baker Acted for self-mutilation. This is her 3rd Baker Act in 30 days. Sarah has been in 20 different foster homes and 5 children children. She was removed from her biological parent at age 5. Sarah was molested by her step-dad from age 3 to 5. Sarah is depressed with low esteem. She gets in fights at school. She has been bullied because of her weight. Sarah has superficial cuts on both forearms and upper thighs. Sarah would use any objects she could get her hands on to cut herself…….etc

2. A 30 year old woman by the name of Debritta was Baker Acted for the first time because she lost her job and her husband has been cheating her. Debritta texted her sister a vague suicidal message then turned her phone off. Her sister got worried and sent the police to her home to do a wellness check . When the police got there, Debritta was lethargic with slurred speech and she had a empty pill bottle in her hand. The police called the ambulance and Debritta was transported to the hospital where she was given charcoal and was on observation for 4 hours. Debritta was medically cleared for psychiatric admission after she spent over 4 hours in the emergency room……..etc


1a. 8-10 source annotated bibliography will be used to show what strategies are used to meet the DCF Baker Act standards.

1b. Survey tool with visual results and statistical analysis.

1c. Training module of a 12-14 power-point slide presentation on how to guide staff on ways to meet the needs of mental health patients.

2a. 12-14 slide PowerPoint presentation with the results from the surveys and research findings on how to effectively respond to mental health patients in crisis situations.

2b. 2 case plans on different scenarios of patients who requires involuntary psychiatric admission on how to prevent readmission for patients with less than 30 days readmission, and how to identify signs and symptoms to prevent suicidality.

2c. Copy of rating tool and a brief overview of results.