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Healthcare Information Management Unit 5 Assignment 1 RFI and RFP


To understand the use of an RFI and RFP

Assignment Description

You are the HIM Director for Herzing Hospital and represent the Health Information Management Department on the EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) Steering Committee. The committee has given you the responsibility of developing a questionnaire that will be used to conduct a needs assessment of the healthcare providers at Herzing Hospital. The questionnaire will collect information from end users about the functionality they need in an EDMS. Knowing how important this assessment is to implementation of the EDMS, you are committed to creating a questionnaire that uses good form design principles and comprehensive questions that will collect all of the necessary information to successfully implement an EDMS that meets the needs of its end users.

You need complete the following:

Step One: Create a formal needs assessment questionnaire that contains all of the questions you will solicit to your defined end users.

1. Create a header that contains the title of document, as well as the necessary data collection fields (job title, department, etc).

2. Create the questionnaire in the body of the document with at least 20 questions

3. Use open ended and closed questions.

Step Two: Write a 2-3 page (not counting title and references page) summary paper in APA format with at least 3 references that addresses the following:

1. Discuss who the end users of this system will be.

2. Justify why you chose the questions that you included in the questionnaire to define the end user needs.

3. Determine how you will distribute, administer, collect, analyze and present the data collected from the questionnaire.

4. Assess what organizational department should manage the EDMS and why?

5. Explain how upon collection of the data, the RFI will be written (how will you determine what criteria will be included in the RFI), include what is an RFI.

6. Explain how upon return of the RFI’s, selection of those vendors to receive RFP’s will occur, include what is an RFP.

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