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HLSC 220 Assignment 3: Written Assessment – Essay

Assignment 3: Written Assessment – Essay


Weighting: 45%



Length and/or format:2000 words +/- 10%



Purpose:To compare and contrast interprofessional approaches to an ethical issues in the practicesetting



Students need to present an academic essay (not in the first person) that responds to each of the unit Learning Outcomes:



1. Discuss national and international ethical frameworks for health care that influence ethical decision making in practice.

2. Explain the Code of Ethics relevant to different health disciplines, and identify if there are no such Codes and how this may influence decision making and patient care in scenarios where there is an ethical dilemma.

3. Differentiate between ethical and legal issues in health care in consenting vulnerable patient cohorts.


4. Identify social and spiritual factors that influence the health professional values and beliefs in ethical decision making.

5. Apply ethical normative frameworks that a health professional may appeal to in defending their position, individually and collaboratively, on moral and ethical dilemmas encountered practice.



Learning outcomes assessed:1, 2, 3, 4 & 6


How to submit:Submit into 2nd YearAssignment Box, 33 Berry Street, 6th Floor.


Return of assignment:Feedback and grades will be returned to students post release of final grades for the unit on student connect. An announcement will be placed on LEO when these results are available for student review.

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