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HN430 DB


  • Discuss your experiences with cyber-bullying – either a personal experience or one you know of from peers or the media.
    • How did the different roles (victim, bully, bully victim, bystanders, and “toadies”) present themselves in this experience?
  • Then, imagine you are on the school board and a vocal advocate against bullying. You have been asked to design a program that addresses bullying in your school.
    • How would you approach this task?
    • Describe four factors involved in a multifaceted school-based approach to cyber-bulling prevention.
    • What specific components would be included in your program?
    • How would you advocate for support (funding, staffing, etc.) for this program? Make sure you address how you would split up funding for an anti-bullying program into three categories: universal, selected, and indicated. Present an argument as to what percentage of the money should go to each group and why.

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