1. I attached the prompt on the file plz follow the requirements

2. Second file is about my own idea relate to this case study, this also is my first time checked in with my professor, her feedback was “i, I think you have a good topic in the CU, but as you say, the direction isn’t yet clear. In thinking about a question, and about how literacy could tie in, maybe consider how the CU helps students to become literate in school culture. How does it serve to introduce Chinese students to each other and to the cultures that develop on campus? What do students need to know to have a successful experience? How do the activities the group puts on influence the culture? If you need help with brainstorming on this, come to office hours.”

3. so I need you to come up with a main question for this case study

4. Since I am a international student, plz writes same level paper as this sample , the file 3 was the “A” Sample