mkt315 week 8 discussion 2 and response

Week 8 Discussion 2

“Performance Evaluation” Please respond to the following:

  • Criticize the steps involved in a channel member performance audit.
  • Speculate how much money the average midsized company should spend on channel member performance evaluation and how it should justify this amount. Provide your rationale.
  • From the e-Activity, apply the methods discussed in your Website or article to a real-life situation.



RE: Week 8 Discussion 2

Every company must use a set of standards to improve business through its channel members. A series of channel member information will be collected through reports that will be used to evaluate many forms of criteria from channel members. Necessary information besides sales will be analyzed for performance evaluation on all channel members of a company. This type of analysis is called the channel member performance audit. The channel member performance audit steps are to develop criteria for measuring performance, periodically evaluate performance against the established standards, and recommend corrective actions for inadequate performances. The steps involved in company criteria for performance evaluation in a company sounds good in theory, but all people do not work the same and learn at different levels. The performance evaluation must be put back into the management team and not in a set of standards-driven by corporate.

For an average size company to set up a performance management system, the cost a company will endure can range in the thousands for time spent on each channel member. The average company in today’s market will justify the cost of a performance audit system by comparing the cost of computer reports analysis to the time spent by managers in preparing documents for channel member performance reviews. Monthly sales and credit reviews by retail managers through a performance management system to evaluate channel member performance recommends whether the channel member is worth company investment.

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