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On two different paragraph of no more than 150 words give your personal opinion to  Amy Kaufman

Stacy McGinnis

My name is Stacy McGinnis. After reading Jerri Pevey discussion post in our introduction I think we will cross paths in different classes. We both have the same outlook on our degree expect he worked in the court system. Jerri, how is working in the court system as a Court Appointed Special Advocate? I have heard  of people doing this but never had any prior people to ask questions about this position.  I intend on using my experience and training that we must take at the nursing home with the state regulations of being a certified nursing assistant. I have had several training hours in class and online. I plan on using my experience with the elderly as well to obtain my degree. I also have 9 years working with our local Department of Social Services as a foster/adoptive parent. I plan on using all the training in class and online for help with my portfolio. I think these two combined will help me a lot in this course. I look forward to getting to know everyone. Good luck in class.


Amy Kaufman

My name is Amy Kaufman. I live in Boynton beach, which is in South Florida.  I am a native Floridian and absolutely love living in Florida. I currently work in a drug and alcohol treatment center. I am a behavioral health technician and have been in this field for over 6 years. I personal am in recovery and have been sober for almost 7 years. I feel that since I am in recovery it benefits me when working with clients, because I have in a sense been in their shoes; and understand the difficulties of early sobriety. My goal regarding my career is to be a therapist in a drug and alcohol treatment center. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Addiction Psychology. I plan to continue my education through to my master’s degree; as well as obtaining other certification through the state during my journey. This course will help achieve my goals by being able to learn how to effectively build a portfolio based around my work and life experiences. For this course, I look forward to being able to apply my life and work experience to some of my college credits. I am excited about this opportunity!


Amy Kaufman

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