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Order 1068318: CBC The Current Podcast Report


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Go to http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/pastepisodes. Here, you will see MANY past podcasts. Here are the specifics: Choose only ONE. Cannot be about Donald Trump, as we have all heard enough about him, and continue to, ad nauseam, every day. Cannot be about America, as this is about issues facing Canada. Must be a topic that is, or could be, affecting Canada or Canadians, directly or indirectly. You can either choose the black boldface headline title at the beginning of the podcast OR one of the titles below this. There are MANY past podcasts, and you can go as far back as you like in an effort to find a title of interest to you. Once you have chosen your podcast topic, then choose if you will respond either in the Questionnaire or Essay format. Finally, once you have made your choice, FIRST read and understand the Questionnaire prompts or the Essay question of your choice, and keep this with you as you listen to the CBC podcast, and take down notes as you listen as per the topic questions of the Questionnaire or the Essay.For the essay, complete as a five paragraph write, with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. See the Essay Guides/Templates for “fill in the blank” essay guides. Prompts for a short essay (choose only ONE prompt, and relate it to the topic/issue in the CBC podcast). You must place the prompt that you chose at the top of your write. Assess the significance of people, places, events, and developments (significance of this topic to Canada and Canadians, and /or yourself) Assess the justification for competing historical accounts after listening to points of contention, determining the reliability of the CBC interviewees, and adequacy of evidence. That is, is there a justification for the importance of this issue on a historical topic (if it is a historical topic)? Compare and contrast continuities and changes for different groups during this time period (continuity and change). That is, as per the topic of this CBC podcast, how are things different and improved now compared to how things used to be? Or are they/have they improved? Assess how prevailing conditions and the actions of individuals or groups affect events, decisions, and developments (cause and consequence). That is, as per the topic of the CBC podcast, what are the consequences of this issue (if we act, or do not act)? Explain different perspectives on past or present people, places, issues, and events by considering prevailing norms, values, worldviews, and beliefs (perspective). That is, what are the different perspectives of the different persons being interviewed in the CBC podcast, OR how are their beliefs/opinions the same as, or different from the norms and values of our society today, or from your personal beliefs? Recognize implicit and explicit ethical judgments in a variety of sources (ethical judgment). That is, what is the ethical issue here, and do we need to pay heed to it and act upon it? Why or why not? Make reasoned ethical judgments about controversial actions in the past and present, and whether we have a responsibility to respond (ethical judgment). As above, and self-explanatory.

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