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Take a picture of an object you use or encounter in your everyday life. (Examples: a tire, a fork, a mailbox, etc…) Imagine this object is discovered when they dig us up 2000 years from now. Putting yourself in the place of an archaeologist, having just discovered an object without context to it′s origin or use, write an article to the imaginary Archaeologist Weekly Magazine describing the object′s believed function. Base your thoughts of the form of the object and describe how that lead you to your hypothesis. Be creative and have fun imagining the function of the object. Consider the purposes and functions of art and discussed in PACK 1 – which of these best describes the purpose of the found object? Based on the appearance of your found object, what does it look like it was used for? (Try to think of fun and creative alternative uses for your chosen object.) How did the form (the appearance) of the object lead you to your theory? (It helps to choose an object that has an interesting form to begin with. So be sure to look beyond your pockets and computer desk when choosing your object) Using aesthetic analysis, as discussed in our reading, give a thorough desсrіption of the object′s sensory properties, it′s formal properties, and it′s technical properties. What type of people or culture used the object? Provide details of their day-to-day life as it relates to the object. Be sure to take a look at the creative student examples above. Submit your article including pictures in a Microsoft Word document or PDF to Blackboard. (I only want one picture on my essay. Professor would be focusing more on the writing.0

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