project assignment 1 1


Strategic Management of the company ‘X’

Structure of the project

This project aims to study the strategic management of your selected company ‘X’. It includes three main parts:

– Part 1: Assignment 1= Environmental scanning & strategy formulation.

– Part 2:Assignment 2= Strategy implementation.

– Part 3:Assignment 3= Evaluation and control.

Description of the company ‘X’

– It is a company from your choice;

– From real national or international market;

– It is publicly traded company;

– Produces and commercializes more than one product;

– Sufficient information about the strategies of the company, its functions, structures and product lines are available;

– This company should have at least one partnership with other company (es) (alliances, joint venture, arrangement…).


If you face any ambiguity regarding the choice of the corporation, kindly feel free to ask more clarification from your instructor.

Assignment 1: Part 1 of project

Environmental scanning & strategy formulation