research paper on teratogens in prenatal development apa style

Research Paper Instructions

Students may choose to research any topic covered in PSY 241 and compose a 5-7 page paper on the selected topic.You want to report on what psychologists have discovered about your topic.For example:if you are interested in the effect of teratogens in prenatal development, you want to find what psychologists have discovered about different teratogens and their effects on prenatal development.Then, you want to discuss what you found, in your paper.

All papers must be written in APA format, with an APA formatted Title Page and Reference page.

Headers and page numbers are expected to be in APA format.

NO Abstract page is needed.

You MUST include in text citations AND have a References page.Students are responsible for researching APA format.

The Title and Reference pages are required.

All references used must be scholarly references, and at least four references are required.One reference may be your textbook. 

It is the student’s responsibility to research APA format and to be sure to avoid plagiarism (use in text citations).

This is worth 100 points. 

You can use Google Scholar, and Wake Tech Library’s webpage to find scholarly journal articles, books, and other sources for this paper.You want to pick a specific topic so you narrow your results.