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Topic: Recorded Music and Radio

Prompt:  After viewing the videos and reading the chapters in this assignment,  discuss the following questions.  Reference at least one in-text  peer-reviewed citation as well as the textbook in your thread and both  your posts to classmates. You must also include a biblical worldview in  either your initial thread or one of your replies. See “Biblical  worldview” below. This assignment requires that you use APA format. 

     1. Piracy in the music industry is a serious problem.  How might  you discourage the copying and sharing of music with others? Is it  stealing? If so, what efforts could be made to stop the activity and  what punishment should there be for this?      
2. How has social media contributed to the broad distribution of  some musicians’ work?  Contrast the way a new musician or songwriter  may get his music out today versus the methods musicians and songwriters  used in the past.             3. Even though there are many options for listening to music, news  and talk programs, discuss the reasons radio still thrives today.      


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