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Topic:  Television and the Internet

Prompt: After  viewing the videos and reading the chapters in this assignment, discuss  the following questions.  Reference at least one in-text peer-reviewed  citation as well as the textbook in your thread and both your posts to  classmates. You must also include a biblical worldview in either your initial thread or one of your replies. See “Biblical worldview” below. This assignment requires that you use APA format. 

1.  Discuss what was meant by the “Golden Age” of television.  What  characteristics marked this era and how have things changed today?  Do  you still consider television to have any “golden” moments today?

2.   The Internet has given us search engines that take us to information,  entertainment content, public and private forums, DIY instructions and  exploration all the world over.  In what ways do having all this  information at one’s fingertips improve one’s life?  In what ways is  this easy access to so many topics and sites detrimental?

3.   How do you see the future of shopping changing as a result of the  Internet?  Consider everything from products from around the world to  getting your groceries or your pet supplies.


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