soc 300 research methods final proposal 1

Write 4-6 (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins) pages covering three sections: 1) your introduction to your topic, 2) literature review, and 3) methodological choices for your final proposal. You must design an experiment, choosing either a two-group posttest-only, classical experimental, or factorial experimental design. Remember to discuss all aspects of the experimental design fully. Failure to address each and every one of these aspects will result in a reduced grade. Use headings and sub-headings to help organize your final proposal. NO PLAGIARISM

List of steps and expectations:


  • Introduce your topic and provide some context for your reader

Literature Review

  • Discuss ten external studies conducted by other scholars that are pertinent to your topic, published in the form of academic peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Write your analysis of the literature by weaving together sources that address the same point in your review (not summaries of each article)
  • End this section by discussing the unique aspect or ‘gap’ your proposal addresses, in the context of the scholarship you discussed


  • Explicitly state your research question and hypothesis
  • Explicitly state your independent and dependent variables (including operational definitions and levels of measurement for each)
  • Explicitly state and justify your sampling strategies (including sampling type, sampling frame, and sample size)
  • Explicitly state and justify your random assignment approach in terms of experimental and control group(s)
  • Explicitly state and justify how you plan on addressing internal validity (discussing at least four specific threats to internal validity as well as your planned responses) as well as the relative external validity of your approach
  • Explicitly state and justify how you plan on dealing with ethical issues in your design (informed consent, deception, level of protection, and harm types)
  • Explicitly state and justify your data analysis plan, tailored to the variables, levels of measurement, and research question


  • Provide a full reference list of your ten external and peer-reviewed academic journal articles relevant to your proposal, using APA citation style, 6thedition