sped 3305 assessments 1

minimum 600 words for this assignment.

add in text citations and references page

Collecting and analyzing classroom data to make educational decisions is a key skill for any teacher. Classroom assessment may include formal and informal measures, so teachers need to be able to demonstrate knowledge of both. Create a paper that responds to the following prompt.

  • Task analysis is both an instructional technique and an informal classroom assessment strategy. Discuss the use of task analysis for each purpose. Include the different types of task analysis.
  • Discuss the importance of using informal classroom measures and norm-referenced measures together to present a complete student profile.
  • Discuss the types of information that can be learned through informal classroom assessment that is not easily obtained through formal assessments.

Remember to review the rubric before you begin writing your essay. You must demonstrate your knowledge about these topics. Therefore, it is advisable to define terms and to use examples. Also, remember that you must support your claims with evidence, which will typically call for a citation/reference (also, use citations/references when you define terms).


Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 48.3 (48.30%)

Several ideas are either incorrect or explanation is not connected to idea or no references are used.

Points Range: 49 (49.00%) – 62.3 (62.30%)

Content is either inconsistent or not explained clearly or fewer than 3 references are used.

Points Range: 63 (63.00%) – 70 (70.00%)

Content is mostly correct with appropriate support for ideas (3 references).


Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 6.9 (6.90%)

APA format is used with 8+ errors or was not used

Points Range: 7 (7.00%) – 8.9 (8.90%)

APA format is used with 4-7 errors

Points Range: 9 (9.00%) – 10 (10.00%)

APA format is used with fewer than three errors: title page, running head, pagination, headings, in-text citations, and references


Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 6.9 (6.90%)

Weak paragraph structure. Introduction and/or conclusion missing. Ideas are presented without logical cohesion.

Points Range: 7 (7.00%) – 8.9 (8.90%)

Inconsistent paragraph structure. Introduction and/or conclusion weak. Inconsistent connection between ideas.

Points Range: 9 (9.00%) – 10 (10.00%)

Appropriate paragraph structure. Introduction and conclusion included. Strong connection between ideas.


Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 6.9 (6.90%)

7+ errors

Points Range: 7 (7.00%) – 8.9 (8.90%)

4-6 errors.

Points Range: 9 (9.00%) – 10 (10.00%)

3 or fewer errors.