statistics forum 1 and 2

Forum 1:Probability; Inferential Theory & hypotheses testing (300 words min

If we take the time to look and think, we can find statistics all around us. Our role as educated consumers of research is to learn how to appropriately interpret the research and the variables and statistics they report. For this week’s forum, select a research article in the field of Health Sciences and identify the independent variable(s), dependent variable(s), null and alternate hypotheses. Attach the article. Finally, please comment on whether the researchers rejected or failed to reject their null hypothesis.

Forum 2: ANOVAs (one-way, two-way and repeated measures) (300 words min)

For this week’s forum, locate a research article that used an ANOVA and a post-hoc analysis in their methods/results.. Please attach the article or provide a linK. Describe how the ANOVA and post-hoc analysis was used to answer the research (i.e. what did it compare) and where the group differences were found in the post-hoc. Please share the levels of the dependent and independent variable(s).