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Unit 4 OUt of class MN555

Unit 4 Endocrine or Metabolic Disorder Out of Class Activity Written Guide


As an Advanced Practice Nurse, one of the many duties is to educate patients and family members on any acute or chronic medical problems. Education helps patient better care for themselves in order to prevent morbidity and mortality and to improve health and quality of life. This week you will spend at least 2 hours educating family and friends on some common endocrine or metabolic disorders. For example, if the person has diabetes, you will want to educate them on certain lifestyle modification, medication management, glucose testing, etc. Please make sure you include:



  1. Pathophysiology of disorder
  2. Ensure that the education is clear enough for the patient and family to understand. Include the method or form of Education provided (could be via PowerPoint, demonstration with return demonstration, poster board, etc.)
  3. Thoughts on how the patient and or family comprehended the type of education given.



Please make sure you refer to your 6th edition APA book for correct formatting of paper. Always include a title and reference page for all of your papers.



All References should be with 5 years and should come from textbooks, journals, or evidenced-based websites or materials only (ex. CDC, NIH, ADA, etc.). Points will be deducted if these guidelines are not followed.



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your instructor.

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