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Unit 6 Assignment 1 EHR Applications Health Information Management Systems


Assignment Purpose:

To understand vendor selection

Assignment Description

Step One: Write a 2-3 page (not counting title and reference page), APA formatted paper with 2 references that includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

1. Why are organizations moving toward implementation of data warehouses? What are the benefits of data warehouses?

2. What issues need to be considered by an organization before and during data warehouse development?

3. What is a data dictionary and how does it relate to a data warehouse?

4. What is a data model and how does it relate to a data warehouse?

5. How is data mining used in conjunction with a data warehouse?

6. What are the benefits of data mining?

7. What role should HIM professionals play in data warehouse development and maintenance?

8. Search the AHIMA website for articles related to data warehouse and data mining?

Step Two: Data warehouse development – system justification table.

Your facility is developing a data warehouse and you have been asked to determine which of your current systems should be included in the warehouse.  The systems administrator has indicated that the plan is to use this data warehouse for business, research, and clinical data analysis. It will be used to identify which providers make/lose money for the facility, determine the most profitable services, and analyze the best practices in patient care.

Using the following table to:

System   Justification for Data Warehouse


Include   (Yes/No)


Patient Satisfaction


Lab Information System

Radiology Information System

Picture Archiving System (PACS)

Nursing Information System

Fetal Monitoring

Financial Information System

Human Resource System

Patient acuity System

Chart deficiency system

Quality Indicator System

Chart Locator System

Release of Information System

1. Indicate (Yes/No) which systems you will or will not include in the data warehouse.

2. Provide a short (1-3 sentences) justification for each system, that states why or why not you would want to include it.

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