walt disney company 1

In this Assignment, you will be assessed based on the following outcome:

MT482-4: Examine the usefulness of return measures in financial statement analysis.I

n this Assignment, you will dig deep into the W alt Disney Company’s financial statements to find what is most impacting to their profitability and returns. You will learn to search for the key results that are impacting change which can help the company repeat or avoid those outcomes.

Locate the W alt Disney Company Case 8-2 on page 498 of your text. Be sure to submit thoughtful and substantial answers to the questions following each case.


a. Calculate and disaggregate Disney’s return on common equity for each of the two fiscal years ending September 30, Year 9, and September 30, Year 13 (use year-end figures for any ratio computations typically using averages).

b. Drawing only on your answers to a and the data available, identify the two components that contributed most to the observed change in Disney’s return on common equity between Year 9 and Year 13. State two reasons for the observed change in each of the two components.

(a) Yr. 13 RNOA = 11.82%
(b) Yr. 13 Spread = 15.34%

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