Writing Assignment for Srimati Basu

You will write a 400-word essay based on the prompt below. As described in the course syllabus, your essay should “critically engage with the substance of the speaker’s talk using material from the course readings to make an argument.”


Dr. Srimati Basu’s presentation and reading examined the relationship between men’s rights groups and Indian family law, especially divorce law.

(1) How do the men’s groups portray the relationship between men, women, and the law? (Hint: Who do they argue are the victims? Who has the money and power?) (2) How do these men’s rights groups seek to use the law? (Hint: In what ways are they trying to re-purpose, undo, or “jam” family law?)

Essay Requirements:

  • Due date: WEDNESDAY 22 May at 5pm.
  • Word count: 400 words (500 word maximum).
    • Word count includes the title as well as the in-text citations, but excludes the header and the end-of-the-paper bibliography.
  • Format:
    • INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ID NUMBER on page 1 of your essay.
    • Include page numbers and an essay title.
    • Your essay should be double-spaced, 12 point font.
  • Citations:
    • Citations are required.
    • Citation format:
      • In-text parenthetical citation (Author year, page number) with a bibliography of works cited at the end of the document.
    • You may use the following example for lecture material:
      • IN-TEXT: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet (Larson, 2019).
        • Basu, Srimati (2019). “Living with Legal Burden: Indian Men’s Rights Activists Strategize Court Comportment and Policy Success.” International Studies Forum, May 9, 2019, University of California, Irvine.
    • See also this link for citation guidelines: https://www.cdlib.org/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. . See also the bibliography of The Global Turn for additional examples.
  • Submission procedure:
    • Papers should be uploaded to the course website (Canvas).
    • Upload your essay as either a Word document (.doc or .docx) OR PDF (.pdf). If you upload another format your essay will not be scored. If you use Pages, export to another format or print to pdf.

Writing tips for short response papers:

  • 1) Start with a clear and clearly identifiable thesis statement
    • The thesis statement is a summary of your argument.
    • You should be able to circle it on the page.
  • 2) The thesis statement should fully and completely address the assignment prompt
    • Respond to all parts of the prompt as-written.
    • It’s okay to break your thesis statement into a couple of sentences.
  • 3) Support each component of the thesis statement with complete paragraphs
    • Each paragraph contains a single thought, and the paragraphs are arranged in a logical sequence.
    • Use class materials to build support for your argument.
      • It should be obvious that you attended lecture.
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