chapt 14 education health amp medicine

Read Chapt. 14 –

  1. How does the “self-fulfilling prophesy” apply to the way teachers and students act in a school?
  2. Identify factors that lead to differential access to higher education.
  3. Explain how standardized testing and tracking have historically worked to the disadvantage of the poor and minorities.
  4. Summarize ways in which various socialist and capitalist societies supply health care to their citizens.
  5. Provide substantive, critical response to at least one of your classmates’ posts. Your response must be a minimum of (2) sentences.

strategic management powerpoint presentation on leadership

Instructions – Must be APA format – All slides must have supportive notes (ensure the grading rubric requirements are met) :

Your boss has asked you to speak at the quarterly board meeting about your experience with risk management.

Your job is to develop a PowerPoint presentation that showcases leadership skills and professional practice. The requirement is six slides that contain supportive notes that integrate discussion points and strengthen the content of each slide. The expectation is two slides for how risk impacts operational decisions, two slides on the benefits and limitations of internal assessments, and lastly, two slides on how risk can lead to opportunities.

The following link is a great resource for creating PowerPoints:
PowerPoint Presentations


5 page APA format 12 point font double space

choose a country with low food production and what lead to the lack of food.

what is the economic, social, political and cultural results due to the problem

identify the components of the problem

who are the stakeholders?

what is some good solutions?

how business ethics and corporate social responsibility contribute to the solutions.


Use the poem to answer the question.

Carefully read the poem “America” by Claude McKay. Then, write a well-crafted five-paragraph essay in which you analyze the development of theme in the poem. Include details from the text to support your analysis. Your response should include analysis of formal elements, figurative language, diction, symbolism, and tone.

The poem is in the file below. The reason I’m pricing this so low is because it is only a practice. I want to see what a good response to this prompt would look like.


Create a powerpoint presentation using the attached file on obesity and make sure all points area covered.

bullet points should be clearly explained in the notes section for the presenter. Add images to make the slides appealing use charts provided. no extra resources should be used for the presentation. no less than 8 slides should be included.


Personal devices, such as iPhones, can hold a wealth of personal and private data that can typically only be accessed by entering a preset security code. A recent example of this scenario occurred in the San Bernardino tragedy. The suspect’s iPhone was thought to have very important information on it related to national security measures. Read the following article:

which reviews the conflicting views on whether the manufacturer should have assisted in breaking the encryption of the phone. Based on what you have read and recall about this case, which side do you support and why? Be sure to address important issues like legal rights, manufacturing responsibilities, personal privacy, ethical behavior, and justifiable cause.

In response to your peers, examine their perspective and comment accordingly or pose a question to advance the discussion. Do not simply state you agree or disagree or compliment the post. You are expected to make two additional, substantive posts.

To complete this assignment, review the discussion and rubric document attached.

outline references for argumentative essay


Please consult the following website that will provide you with some guidelines and information about writing an outline for an essay:

You will find out what an essay outline is and see some samples at this site. You will read about two types of outlines: macro and micro. The expectation for this outline assignment is the macro style.

Secondly, remember that your essay is an argumentative essay. So, you are trying to build an argument to prove/support the thesis statement that you had approved earlier in the course. Be sure to write your thesis statement somewhere near the beginning of the outline, and then the remainder of the outline should be devoted to creating a structure for building the argument to support it, and finally summarizing it.

Throughout our course text, there are a number of boxes called Building Arguments on pages 40, 72, 97, 131, 158, 185, 199, 214, …. you may want to review those boxes, as well as reviewing the Argumentative Essay, Second Option on pages 358-9 in the text. These resources should provide you with some guidelines that will help you to build a strong argument.

References List:

Your completed references list should consist of 10 resources in APA format. As you research your topic, you must use at least five sources in support of your argument, with a majority (three minimum) selected from appropriate professional or scholarly journals or eBooks (please contact the City University Library & Learning Resource Center staff for help in this area if needed). All sources used must be cited in proper APA format.

math help needed hungry dog question

You’re standing at the center of a circular field of radius R. The field has a low wire fence around it. Attached to the wire fence (and restricted to running around the perimeter) is a large, sharp-fanged, hungry dog who likes to eat any humans he can catch.

You can run at speed v. Unfortunately, the dog can run four times as fast, at 4v. The dog will do his best to catch you if you try to escape the field. What is your running strategy to escape the field without feeding yourself to the dog.

Please explain your solution.


************* please respond to the discussion below add citations and references 🙂 ******

In the organizations today one system used is Meditech for documentation of the electronic health record for all patients. The Meditech system gathered patient data from the doctors, nurses, patient care technicians, respiratory therapy, physical therapists and other support departments. The cross-department access allows for interdepartmental communication and consistency in the treatment of the patient. Specifically, when gathering vital information such as the blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiration rate, blood sugar, and daily weights, the data is compiled by the Meditech system and will send out alerts and print reports if there is a significant change in the patient status. The charge nurse, department head and the nurse assigned to the patient are alerted to changes that could be due to an unsafe change. The trends are captured by the Meditech system and can be used to see if this is related to procedures, medications or if the patient is in crisis.

The Meditech system allows the nurse to set patient goals, and track progress. Electronic documentation also allows more time to be spent with the patient rather than charting. At this hospital, there are computers in all patient rooms which allows for real-time charting. The vitals machine and the accu-check for blood sugar monitoring are also linked to the Meditech system. The nurse can see trends in vitals and blood sugar; the system is also used for tracking the ins and outs for patients that are on fluid restriction. Technology has been instrumental in changing how healthcare works and continues to evolve. The advances in technology may seem daunting at times, but the benefits can be seen in the outcomes of the patients. The ability to spend more time with the patient and have a program that can generate data and track trends of our patient is invaluable — for example, the access to medication information for accurate delivery and patient education. The technology of electronic healthcare records also allows the data gathered to be shared across providers allowing for non-experimental research as well (Walsh University Online, 2018).


Walsh University Online. (2018, July). How has nursing changed with technology.

Retrieved from…


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