outline references for argumentative essay


Please consult the following website that will provide you with some guidelines and information about writing an outline for an essay:


You will find out what an essay outline is and see some samples at this site. You will read about two types of outlines: macro and micro. The expectation for this outline assignment is the macro style.

Secondly, remember that your essay is an argumentative essay. So, you are trying to build an argument to prove/support the thesis statement that you had approved earlier in the course. Be sure to write your thesis statement somewhere near the beginning of the outline, and then the remainder of the outline should be devoted to creating a structure for building the argument to support it, and finally summarizing it.

Throughout our course text, there are a number of boxes called Building Arguments on pages 40, 72, 97, 131, 158, 185, 199, 214, …. you may want to review those boxes, as well as reviewing the Argumentative Essay, Second Option on pages 358-9 in the text. These resources should provide you with some guidelines that will help you to build a strong argument.

References List:

Your completed references list should consist of 10 resources in APA format. As you research your topic, you must use at least five sources in support of your argument, with a majority (three minimum) selected from appropriate professional or scholarly journals or eBooks (please contact the City University Library & Learning Resource Center staff for help in this area if needed). All sources used must be cited in proper APA format.