Personal devices, such as iPhones, can hold a wealth of personal and private data that can typically only be accessed by entering a preset security code. A recent example of this scenario occurred in the San Bernardino tragedy. The suspect’s iPhone was thought to have very important information on it related to national security measures. Read the following article:


which reviews the conflicting views on whether the manufacturer should have assisted in breaking the encryption of the phone. Based on what you have read and recall about this case, which side do you support and why? Be sure to address important issues like legal rights, manufacturing responsibilities, personal privacy, ethical behavior, and justifiable cause.

In response to your peers, examine their perspective and comment accordingly or pose a question to advance the discussion. Do not simply state you agree or disagree or compliment the post. You are expected to make two additional, substantive posts.

To complete this assignment, review the discussion and rubric document attached.