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In the organizations today one system used is Meditech for documentation of the electronic health record for all patients. The Meditech system gathered patient data from the doctors, nurses, patient care technicians, respiratory therapy, physical therapists and other support departments. The cross-department access allows for interdepartmental communication and consistency in the treatment of the patient. Specifically, when gathering vital information such as the blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiration rate, blood sugar, and daily weights, the data is compiled by the Meditech system and will send out alerts and print reports if there is a significant change in the patient status. The charge nurse, department head and the nurse assigned to the patient are alerted to changes that could be due to an unsafe change. The trends are captured by the Meditech system and can be used to see if this is related to procedures, medications or if the patient is in crisis.

The Meditech system allows the nurse to set patient goals, and track progress. Electronic documentation also allows more time to be spent with the patient rather than charting. At this hospital, there are computers in all patient rooms which allows for real-time charting. The vitals machine and the accu-check for blood sugar monitoring are also linked to the Meditech system. The nurse can see trends in vitals and blood sugar; the system is also used for tracking the ins and outs for patients that are on fluid restriction. Technology has been instrumental in changing how healthcare works and continues to evolve. The advances in technology may seem daunting at times, but the benefits can be seen in the outcomes of the patients. The ability to spend more time with the patient and have a program that can generate data and track trends of our patient is invaluable — for example, the access to medication information for accurate delivery and patient education. The technology of electronic healthcare records also allows the data gathered to be shared across providers allowing for non-experimental research as well (Walsh University Online, 2018).


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