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Homeland Security (Outline)


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1.0 Introduction

Homeland security entails the United States’ effort to promote a safe and secure country that is resilience against various hazards including terrorism. Since the September 11 attacks, the federal authorities have been given powers and mandate to track and intercept communications for foreign intelligence gathering and law enforcement. The USA PATRIOT Act, which is the topic of discussion in this paper, was then passed by the US Congress to boost the war against terrorism.

1.1 Topic: The USA PATRIOT Act

The USA PATRIOT Act was then passed by the US Congress to boost the war against terrorism. It is an abbreviation for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism

1.2 Significance of the topic

The topic is significant to the analysis of the applicability of the USA PATRIOT Act in an effort to combat terrorism and make it safe for everyone by dealing with outside threats.

2.0 Discussion on the USA PATRIOT Act

The USA PATRIOT Act serves various purposes as discussed in this section.

2.1 Enhancing domestic security against terrorism

The enhancement of domestic security against terrorism is provided under Title I of the Act.

2.2 Surveillance procedures

Title II of the USA PATRIOT Act provides guidelines to the surveillance of any suspected terrorists.

2.3 Border security

Border security is a national security priority that focuses on matter of external threats and covers the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, which provides the Attorney General additional investigative and law enforcement powers. This covered in Title IV.

2.4 Removing obstacles in investigating terrorism

Title V providers the Attorney General with powers to use all means to achieve investigation goals including paying rewards to enhance information sharing to combat terrorism.

2.5 Improved intelligence

Improved intelligence is a critical aspect of promoting homeland security. Title IX of the UAS PATRIOT Act promotes this by amending the National Security Act of 1947, which givens the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) prioritize on foreign intelligence that has been gathered under FISA.

3.0 Conclusion

The paper covers the USA PATRIOT Act as an integral part of the national effort to promote homeland security.

3.1 Thoughts for future research

Future research may cover more details about the Act including how it has been useful to promoting homeland security since it was passed and the key aspects making it relevant to the field.